Student Quotes:

I think it is a great idea because technology is the way education is going. The iPad will make things more efficient. It is also a good recruiting tool; the other college my younger brother is looking at is giving freshmen free iPads, so it's kind of a draw. – Nate Manning, senior

Buying iPads seems like a waste of valuable resources that could be used otherwise. Goshen is a great school and there are a million reasons for people to come here, but I don't think “for the free iPad” should be one of them. – Erin Brenneman, junior

I think it is a good idea for the college to think about giving out iPads for incoming freshmen. The iPads would be useful to them since they are versatile and most young people are tech-savvy these days. I think everyone should get one, though! – Rikki Entrekin, junior

I don't own an iPad and have never used one so I'm willing to trust our leadership and follow their direction for the best course of growing enrollment.—Jason Samuel, associate professor of communication and head of 91.1 The Globe.

From an admissions standpoint, I think the iPad handout is a great strategy to help increase enrollment. However, I don't believe the iPad will contribute anything to the college's academic prosperity. Most of the teaching faculty frowns upon the use of personal laptop computers in classroom settings... why would the iPad be any different? Out of respect for my professors, I kindly oppose this decision. – Summer Hasan, senior