Goshen College’s radio station, 91.1 the Globe demonstrated their excellence in radio by receiving 20 unique nominations in the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS) contest.

Within the 20 different categories the station was nominated for, nine individuals received nominations with the station receiving six.

On March 3, those nominated will travel to New York City to find out whether or not they’ll be bringing home gold yet again.

One of the six nominations the station received was for Best Station in the Nation. This is the station’s eighth year in a row receiving the nomination, as well as the station’s eighth year submitting entries for the IBS contest.

This year’s number of nominations was the most the station has had since 2013, when they received 22 nominations.

Among the finalists were senior Brad Stoltzfus, junior Laura Hoover, and sophomore Riley Friesner.

Stoltzfus is one of the station co-managers along with Spencer Buttermore. He was nominated for Best Station Contest/Promotion and Best Sports Play-by-Play (Video).

Stoltzfus first recorded and edited the promotion in the summer, completing it this fall. Achieving the final product took about a total of three hours.

Hoover was also nominated as a finalist for the IBS contest. She was a finalist in four categories with the most time consuming of the four being her submission for the radio drama category.

“In reality I spent about an entire year on it,” said Hoover.

Hoover went on to say that she wrote the script for the radio drama in her Intro to Creative Writing class last year.

Hoover stated that from when she first started the production of the radio drama to the end, she worked about five to six hours a week on it.

The piece takes place in an ambulance and is about an EMT’s relationship with death. During the piece, the EMT has a conversation with death, showing that “death is a very close friend,…that no one else [but the EMT] can see death, that possibly she herself is close to death.”

Friesner was a finalist in the category for Best Live Music Broadcast for a piece she did about saxophonist Mindi Abair.

The piece included live recordings of Abair’s concert at Ignition Music Garage interspersed with pieces of an interview that Friesner had with Abair.

Friesner was excited when she heard the Abair was performing in Goshen, since she has been a long time fan of hers.

“It was a little bit of a dream…come true,” said Friesner.

Jason Samuel, faculty advisor of the Globe, could hardly put into words how proud he was of his students.

He said, “I recognize the hard work that they all put in. Even the ones that aren’t named as individual finalists, many of whom are working just as hard as the ones who are recognized. And they know and I know the amount of work that it takes to be a champion.”