After another successful year at the Intercollegiate Broadcasting Systems (IBS) national award ceremony several weeks ago, Goshen College’s WGCS The Globe and GCTV came back with more awards and nominations after the state-wide Indiana Association of School Broadcasting (IASB) College Broadcasting awards last week.

Led by Jason Samuel, WGCS general manager, and David Kendall, associate professor of communication and Correspondent advisor, Goshen found no trouble at all holding their own against the surge of competitions from other colleges with “Communication departments larger than Goshen College’s collective student body.”

Despite the 235 entries from 12 colleges in Indiana, WGCS The Globe came home with “Radio School of the Year” for the fourth time in five years, giving Goshen the “most overall wins in the history of the competition.”

GCTV won second place for “Television School of the Year.” For the third time, GCTV fell only three votes short of first. However, their nomination still maintains an impressive record of winning either first or second place for the past seven years, especially given the noticeable size difference between GCTV and their closest competitor, Ball State.

Students across all years were represented in the awards and nominations, including nine students for WGCS and eleven students for GCTV. Because of the fierce competition and wide range of submissions, it is well understood that getting a nomination in a category is basically like winning an award—worthy of recognition.

Nominations for radio were as follows: JD Hershberger, a junior, for “Radio Copywriting”; Colin Samuel, a first-year, and Samantha Horsch, a sophomore, together for “Radio Bit or Skit;” Brad Stoltzfus, a sophomore, for “Radio News Report;” collaboration from Victor Garcia, a senior, Spencer Buttermore and Brad Stoltzfus, sophomores, for “Radio Newscast;” and the combined efforts of Maria Bischoff, a senior, and Garcia for “Radio In-Depth” and “Radio Imaging.” Laura Hoover, a first-year, and Hershberger won first place for “Radio Bit or Skit” and Garcia won “Best News Report.”

The seven students nominated for College Television awards from GCTV are: Abby Deaton (’15) for “Television Spot Production;” Landon Weldy, a first-year, for “Music Video;” David Leaman-Miller, a junior, for “Corporate Video;” Elizabeth Derstine, a senior, for “Cinematography;” Tim Litwiller, a sophomore, for “Video Sound Design;” and collaboration from Deaton, Jake Smucker (’15), Carley Wyse, a senior, and Derstine for “Television Non-News Program.” Wyse brought home the award for “Corporate Video,” Jesse Bontrager, a junior, won the “Television Anchor” award, and the collaborative efforts of Derstine, Jared Zook (’15), Benson Hostetter (’15), and Leaman-Miller were recognized in the award for “Short Film.”

Dalton Shelter, a junior broadcasting major from Spencerville, IN, was recognized for his work in both radio and television. Many at Goshen tend to focus on a single field of broadcasting, but Shelter’s diverse interests in both radio and television led him to win first place for both “Radio Sportscast” and “Radio In-Depth” for WGCS, as well as a nomination for “Television Sports Program” on GCTV.

When asked what sets Goshen apart, he said, “GCTV and the Globe provide very different dynamics than other institutions. The system is set up so that each student has the freedom to take opportunities and to be creative. The way it works is that the student is involved in [his or her] own success…You truly get out of it what you put in to it.”