On Tuesday, February 17, more than 50 students will be participating in mock interviews during the Super Tuesday event.

Alumni and Career Networks Coordinator Melissa Kinsey said that Super Tuesday is in its tenth year this year. “The event was originally started as a result of a Lilly grant to encourage colleges and universities to develop programs to help students gain experiential education,” said Kinsey.

“One of the goals of the grant was to encourage students to work for Indiana companies, thereby eliminating Indiana Brain Drain,” explained Kinsey. “Goshen College is seen as a net importer of intellectual capital by providing education to students and helping them find jobs to stay in Indiana after graduation.”

Students apply for a mock interview, and on the day of the event they interview with community members, usually human resource professionals. “We try to connect students with an interviewer closely related to their major or area of interest. For example, we try to match nursing majors with a human resource person from a healthcare organization,” said Kinsey.

After the interview, the interviewers give the students feedback to help flesh out their resumes and strengthen their interviewing skills. “The interviewers often give detailed suggestions for improvement,” said Kinsey. “You won’t get that in a real world interview.”

“This experience helps build confidence, and many students participate every semester. By the time you graduate, you can potentially have had 8 mock interviews with HR professionals,” said Kinsey. “During that time you will have developed a professional resume. By the time you graduate, you should be confident of your resume and interview skills and ready to apply for any position. That’s exciting.”

Because of the many details necessary to coordinate Super Tuesday, registrations for the event are not accepted after the deadline has passed. However, students wishing to participate can start planning for the next Super Tuesday this fall. Graduating seniors may contact Melissa Kinsey for one-on-one help in building a resume and fielding interviews.

“I enjoy watching students before and after the event,” reflected Kinsey. “Students are typically nervous before their interview, as they should be…. After the Super Tuesday interview I love to see students enthusiastically talk about it as a very helpful experience.”

“Super Tuesday will be held in at College Mennonite Church in the Koinonia Room, Fellowship Hall, and various classrooms,” said Kinsey. “Participating students will receive an e-mail with instructions of when and where to report on Super Tuesday.”