Super Tuesday provided students with an opportunity to hone their interview skills in a realistic setting on Nov. 10.

Twice a year, the alumni and career networks department brings in professionals from the broader community to hold mock interviews with GC students. The department makes an effort to match a student’s academic discipline to an employer in that field.

On top of the interview itself, the professionals give students feedback on what went well and things to improve.

“I got feedback that was really helpful,” said Sohail Das, sophomore accounting major.

“Even though it’s a mock interview,” said Mikhail Fernandez, a senior, “it’s very realistic. I got feedback on things I never really thought about.”

Participation in this event was voluntary for some students, while others were required for a course. Das chose to participate this year and plans to do it again in the future.

Fernandez is the student assistant for the alumni and career networks department and had a number of responsibilities with the event. While being one of the three in charge of organizing and hosting it, he also took advantage of the opportunity and participated in an interview.

He saw the interviews as a way for students to refresh their professionalism.

Students were also encouraged to update their resumes.

Melissa Kinsey, alumni and career networks coordinator, said, “Think of how strong your resume will be simply because you’ve had all of this feedback from these different professionals.”

Besides helpful feedback, students are getting great practice and more confidence.

“The most helpful aspect was simply practice,” said Eric Cender, a junior. “I was asked questions that I will have to answer again in the future so it was good to get practice in shaping how I portray myself to employers.”

Adrienne Schmucker, a senior, said, “Answering questions will make me more confident in future interviews.”

But Super Tuesday goes beyond just practice and feedback. These interviews have the potential for some students to be offered internships that could lead to jobs.

There were about 34 students who participated this past Tuesday, but next semester, as seniors prepare for graduation, Kinsey is expecting a full event with a cut-off of 60 students.

Fernandez said, “For the next Super Tuesday, I recommend students start applying as soon as possible, especially if they want to get matched with an interviewer in their field.”

Kinsey also reminds students to start working on their resumes now.

“If you start working on your resume earlier in your academic career, by the time you graduate, it’s much easier to be prepared,” she said.

The next Super Tuesday event will be Feb. 16, 2016.