On Nov. 4, Super Tuesday helped students prepare for real interviews and offered career preparation.

Super Tuesday is a mock job interview that allows students to practice their interviewing skills and receive feedback on their professional resume. Students submitted their resume and a job description along with their registration for Super Tuesday.

At the event, a local community professional paired with a student for 45 minutes to interview and then discuss their strengths and weaknesses.

Students are expected to treat Super Tuesday as a real interview, including dressing professionally. Career Services supports students signing up for both the fall and spring interviews to gain as much experience as possible and encourages underclassmen to participate.

The interviewers not only evaluated students’ skills, but also gave tips such as when to show up for an interview.

Kolton Nay, a senior, appreciated his involvement in Super Tuesday.

“It helped me build confidence in my interview skills and marketability. I recommend that everyone do it.”

This event happens twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring, and is put on by Career Services.