The college Church-Chapel fellowship hall was a staging ground for budding new professionals last Tuesday afternoon.

"This year went like clockwork," said GC director of career services, Anita Yoder. At Super Tuesday, 64 students met with 18 interviewers over a few short hours, and each interview lasted roughly 30 to 45 minutes.SuperTuesday_BrettConrad_web

The interviews were modeled after a real-life interview scenario, in which questions were strategically asked of the students to gauge their skills as listeners, problem solvers and conflict resolvers.

After a 20-minute interview, the students were given advice on how to improve their interviewing skills and how to strengthen resumes.

Students were encouraged to arrive a few minutes early to their interview, where they were treated to Oreos and breath mints. Free photography service was provided for future use on career-based documents, LinkedIn accounts and other professional settings.

"Every student arrived on time," said Yoder, "and with so many seasoned interviewers who are familiar with the event, it was one of the best afternoons we've had."

While there are some students that return each year for the added experience and practice, most students come as a requirement of their senior seminar courses.

In the spring semester, senior seminar nursing, comm/theater, English, art and sociology courses participate in Super Tuesday. For the fall semester, the biology, business career planning, history, music and PJCS senior seminar courses are involved.

For more information about Super Tuesday, feel free to contact career services at 535-7457, or email Anita Yoder at