The events of this past Martin Luther King, Jr. Day weekend are slowly fading into GC history, but the Study Day Committee that put together the convocations, workshops, and poetry readings are not yet ready to call it quits.

Instead, they have invited all GC students, faculty, and community members to take part in “40 Days of Peace.”  The initiative was launched to help participants reflect on the question “How do you connect your faith with personal actions?” It began on January 17th and will continue until February 25th.

Taking it a step further, participants pledged to take on the challenge of the "40 Days of Peace,"  by pledging to complete specific peaceful acts each day.  To pledge or to see what today's act is, go to The acts are simple and not out of the ordinary: forgive someone today, say “thank you” to at least four people, talk to a person you usually ignore. The purpose of the initiative is for participants to be intentional about living out their faith, even in the smallest ways.

Some students have taken the idea to heart, posting the 40 Days of Peace calendar on the doors of their dorm rooms and enthusiastically completing each part of the challenge.

For the multitude of Goshen students who like the idea but have not been completing the challenges, it is not too late. There are still 30 more days of peace remaining. And a heads up: the challenge for January 27th, is “Compliment at least four people today!”