This Friday, March 31 from 12:30 to 5:30 in Newcomer 14 and 17, 36 students will present their research in the 13th annual Student Research Symposium.

The symposium seeks to acknowledge and affirm original undergraduate research and to encourage students and faculty to contribute to the larger conversation about knowing and knowledge that sustains the academy.  According to the symposium's Web site,  "the symposium brings together students and faculty members involved in original research and scholarly activity from all disciplines.”

Participants this year are:


Allison Christensen, a senior nursing major, presenting “The Needs of Children with Asthma in Poverty”

Frances Crum & Jessica Glassman, students in the graduate nursing program, presenting “Community Assessment: Cardiac Disease in the Latino Population of Goshen, IN.”

Reuben Maldonado-Nofziger, a senior nursing major, presenting “Health Care Needs and Discrepancies among the Undocumented Latin American Immigrant Population in Elkhart County and Across The United States”

Subhekchya Sharma & Bill Lederman, students in the graduate nursing program, presenting “Developing a Culturally Sensitive Intervention for Mental Health of Latino Women”

Bethany Yoder, a senior nursing major, presenting “Assessing the Health needs of Hispanic Women at Risk of Gestational Diabetes”



Joshua Delp, a junior, presenting “A Critique of the Study of Shakespearian Imagery”

Chelsea Kaufman, a senior, presenting “Pregnancy Loss and Visual Expressions of Grief: An Examination of Frida Kahlo”

Andrew Shenk, a sophomore, presenting “African American Musical Tradition in Toni Morrison’s ‘Beloved’”

Benjamin Sutter, a sophomore, presenting “A New Medium: An Investigation into the Creation of GC Journal”



History and Peace, Justice, Conflict Studies:

Benjamin Baumgartner, a junior, presenting “Creating Cairo: How Power and Religion have Shaped a City's Landscape”

Hannah Canaviri, a junior, presenting “’The Tio Eats the Souls of Miners:’ Potosino Miners’ Relationship with the Cerro Rico & El Tio”

Jonathan Mark, a sophomore, presenting “The Myth of Christian Superiority: Fostering Honest Inter-Religious Dialogue in a Pluralistic World”

Jacob Martens, a senior, presenting “The Question of Isolation in Elkhart County During the 1920's”

Patrick Maxwell, a senior, presenting “Hermeneutics of Violence: Rape in the Rwanda Genocide”

Mallori Norris, a senior, presenting “Islam Versus Secularization in France”

Jeff  Stoesz, a senior, presenting “The Global Capital Culture Clash, or Why Don't the Indigenous Want Our Stuff?”

David Stoltzfus Jost, a junior, presenting “Mennonite Central Committee Thrift Stores in the U.S.”

Lisa Weaver, a junior, presenting “The Fallen Power of Robert Mugabe”

Tillie Yoder, a junior, presenting “An Examination of the Religious Issues in Middle Eastern Migration”



Michael Fecher, a junior, presenting “Membrane Transport in Red Blood Cells”

Sarah Gotwals Rody, a junior, presenting “Fractal Music”

David Harnish, a junior, presenting “Taking It Back: Benefits of Carbon Sequestration at Goshen College”

Brian Martin, Psychology, “The Effects of Stereotype Threat On Religious Affiliation”

Peter Martin, a junior, presenting “Candidate Genes for Ethanol Sensitivity in Apis mellifera”

Cortney Quick, M. Brisa Peacock and Aradhana J. Roberts, first-years, presenting “A Comparison of Pathogenic Bacteria Present in Household and Farm Animals”

Luke Zehr, a sophomore, presenting “Effects of Large Mammal Grazing on Tallgrass Prairie Flora”




Matthew Helmuth, a sophomore, presenting “Jesus in The Gospel of Thomas: Inclusive, Gnostic, Heretical”

SaeJin Lee, a senior, presenting  “Mark 7.24-30: Seeing the Human in the ‘Other’”

Caleb Paul Mechem, a senior, presenting “The Yahwist’s Humans: Human Nature, Uniqueness, and Origins in Genesis 2:4b–3:24”



Stephanie Hollenberg, a junior, presenting “Crossing Religious Boundaries”

Lisa Horst, a junior, presenting “Folk Songs of Nicaragua”

Andrea Kraybill, a senior, presenting “Intersections: Silk, Enamels, and Reflections from Egypt”

Kristen Szappanos, a senior, presenting “School-Based Functional Behavioral Assessment and Behavioral Intervention Plan”