Yesterday afternoon marked the beginning process for building a replica of the wall dividing Palestine and Israel  through campus.  The wall will continue to block students’ commute to and from class until Friday afternoon. From excitement to resentment, feelings about the wall project vary significantly across campus. Here are some of the voices:

"I fully support the construction of the wall. I believe that it sheds light on an important issue in an informative and interactive way." – Hans Weaver, a sophomore

“I think it has potential to be an eye-opening experience.” –Erin Steiner, a freshman

“It’s cool that they are doing it, but while it will increase awareness, it won’t change anything because it is just a simulation, and there is no way to understand the reality of a situation through a simulation.” – Colin Gregory, a freshman

“I think it is a good idea, but I am afraid of how some students might react. I hope that everyone will be respectful of the project, even if some don’t want to be involved.” – Rachel Mast, a sophomore

“I know the wall project won’t be easy or fun for us to deal with, but it will definitely raise awareness. It is unfair and awful, and we’re going to get frustrated after just two days, but that’s the way it is all the time in Palestine.” -Chelsea Wimmer, a sophomore

“The wall project is more of a hassle than anything else. Students have no idea how long it may or may not take them to get to class now and if they are tardy then it could be because of the wall project. I will most likely not walk around or participate in it, but will walk through the wall and not show my ID. What are they going to do to stop me? I doubt they will use force because if they do, I can use force back due to the fact that this is still America.” –A first-year

“I think it is a good idea! It helps bring more awareness to the Israel and Palestine conflict. I'm actually volunteering to be one of the guards.” – Reuben Sancken, a senior

“I understand trying to get a message across, but a giant cardboard wall? I wish there was some other way to get the point across without wasting the time and money… and being annoying.” – A senior

A “Talk Back” session for students to reflect on the effectiveness of the Wall Project will be held at 7p.m. on March 15.