This Sunday, Oct. 10, Goshen College will be a site for one of nearly 7,000 work events  across the world registered with The event, known as, "10/10/10 day," is an echo to last year's events on Oct. 24, 2009, in which groups worldwide held events to highlight the importance of the number 350--the number of parts per million that scientists say is tolerable for the atmosphere.

As a global initiative, seeks to organize a worldwide work day on the specific task of committing to take action on climate change through a tangible project and raising awareness among political leaders and the general public. The organization was created by author and environmental activist Bill McKibben, who spoke at GC in 2009.

This year's 10/10/10 day is organized by members of the student club EcoPax. Events will take place at the College Cabin, and begin at 11 a.m. with an environmentally-focused meditation. At noon, attendees can participate in a drum circle and write letters to state representatives. A finger-food lunch will be served at 12:30 p.m., followed by a cleanup of the Elkhart River via canoes. Activities are open to all GC students, staff, faculty and administration. Those interested in participating in the canoe portion should email Hannah Eberly,, or Lydia Yoder,

Last year's celebration had a multi-faceted approach. Trash dumpsters from around campus were moved to the physical plant and student volunteers spent hours sorting out recyclables that had been thrown away. The number 350 was spelled out in recyclables, emphasizing that recycling can help lower emissions of carbon dioxide. Students also wrote or called their political representatives and distributed information on reducing one's carbon footprint. The day was punctuated by a rally at the courthouse downtown.

Members of EcoPax hope that this year's 10/10/10 work party will encourage dialogue and reflection and serve as an opportunity to engage in meaningful action for all who are interested.


10/10/10 Global Work Party Quick Facts

Sunday, October 10, 2010

11:30 Environmental Meditation

12:00 Drumming Circle, Letter Writing to Representatives

12:30 Lunch

1:30 The Great Canoe Competition to Clean the Elkhart River