Student Senate elections will be held online this Friday and Saturday. There are two seats available for at-large representatives and one seat available for Student Senate cabinet member. Candidates for the cabinet position must currently be at-large representatives.

The candidates for the cabinet position are Ben Shelley, David Zehr and Caleb Longenecker.

The candidates for the at-large seats are Joanna Epp, Ben Hochstetter, Derek Johnson, Minah Kim, Ezra Ocubamichael, Priscilla Ramirez, Brian Sutter and Nikita Zook.

Hans Weaver, a current cabinet member, said that while Senate cabinet members have very specific positions such as finances, publicity and sub-committee leadership, at-large representatives can be responsible for anything from simply stating their opinion each week to leading initiatives.

Recent senate initiatives include the new TV and bumper pool table that popped up in the Connector over winter break. Weaver said that more serious policy issues the Senate will be exploring include the open-hours policy and LGBTQ hiring rights.

All Goshen College students may vote by looking for a link in the Communicator this weekend.