Members in attendance: Jieun Han, David Zehr, Erin Bergen, Tiantian Chen, Ben Shelly, Laura Miller, Jill Steinmetz, Hannah Yoder, Jenae Longenecker, Crystopher Echavarria

Others present: Peter Meyer Reimer, David Pauls

Mentorship/Advisors for International Students - Jieun and Alma met with Skip Barnett to talk about the availability of and access to advising, specifically for international students. It has been brought to Senate’s attention that due to the low number of CIIE faculty and staff, the needs of international students may exceed current capacity. As a result of these conversations, and as a possible next step, ISC may organize an event for international students, creating space and time to more clearly address concerns regarding this issue.

FIRSST (Functional Immediate Response Student Safety Team) - The club is continuing to hold leadership meetings, and more faculty and staff have shown interest and been included as contacts. Senate validated FIRSST’s club status at the February 3 meeting and continues to give financial support to the club but at this point is not directly involved with its organization.

Meeting with the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) - On Tuesday, March 10, some fifteen students will meet with staff from the HLC, an organization that will be visiting campus to help evaluate Goshen College as an institution and provide critiques along with potential accreditation. Part of the HLC’s goal in coming to GC is to understand student experiences, and it will be important for the HLC staff to connect with students who represent the diversity of GC. Therefore, students will be invited to this meeting by leaders of BSU, LSU, ISC, Commuter Club and GSWA. An athlete(s) and a transfer(s) student will also be invited.

Co-ed Floor in the Dorms - Peter Meyer Reimer reminded Senate that at the end of the 2013-2014 school year, a proposal was passed by Student Senate for the addition of a co-ed floor to the dorms. While the passing of a proposal does not guarantee its administrative approval or installation, Peter expressed strong concern that no steps in advancing the proposal have been taken this school year, administrative or otherwise. For more specific details on this conversation, please peruse the minutes from our meeting or talk with meeting attendees.

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Next Student Senate meeting time: March 3 at 8 p.m. in AD21

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