Student Senate meetings resumed with new members on Tuesday to begin working on the new year’s objectives.

As Student Senate begins the 2014-15 academic year, they will meet weekly to continue old initiatives as well as begin to implement new ones.

David Zehr, president and junior, said that the ultimate goal is to “accurately convey the interests, hopes, concerns, and dreams of the student body in a productive way that can move towards positive social change.”

Previous initiatives have included the colorful train underpass mural, changes in the CORE curriculum, more washers and dryers, Campus Connections, and the prospect of a co-ed dorm floor.

This year’s Student Senate is excited to think about the issues they will get involved with and the projects they will accomplish this year.

The new representatives are Hannah Yoder, first-year; Tiantian Chen, senior; Crystopher Echavarria, sophomore; Erin Bergen, first-year; and Jenae Longenecker, first-year.

“We are a fresh group, a passionate group, and a very talented group. I’m excited to hear what the new members have to offer,” Brian Sutter, vice president and junior, said.

Cabinet members are President David Zehr; Vice President(s) Brian Sutter (fall) and Ben Shelly(spring), both juniors; Secretary Jieun Han, senior; Treasurer(s) Cecilia Lapp Stoltzfus (fall) and Laura Miller (spring), both sophomores; and Vice President of Marketing Alma Rosa Carrillo Flores, sophomore.

Some of the senate members represent Goshen’s culturally diverse student body.

Chen is eager to bring her perspective as an international student into senate discussions, while Flores expressed delight in the fact that this year there are two members, including herself, who are Hispanic.

Many members have made it clear that one goal for this year is to try help international students feel included in campus activities, as well as integrate commuter students into life on-campus.

The senate also hopes to be a bridge between the student body and administration.

“Part of the senate’s job is to help students see the administration’s thought processes that lead to actions and decisions,” Sutter said.

Yoder hopes to bring attention to another issue: Goshen College’s hiring policy.

Sutter is excited to keep working on the possibility of a co-ed dorm floor.

Zehr hopes that the senate can build up the sense of community at Goshen and promote feelings of equality among students.

The student senate tries to be as transparent as possible. Every Tuesday night a portion of the meeting is dedicated to an open floor. During this time senate members or other students who want to raise an issue can bring the issue to attention and a committee can be formed to look into it.

The meetings’ minutes are also posted online for students and staff to see.

Students can contact Senate through the online form at or can talk directly to any a Senate member.