The following are statements submitted by each at-large position candidate for Student Senate this year.

Kristen Steiner, senior

GC is a place where students cherish the voice they have and want to see their opinion affect administration. As an at large representative, I would like to facilitate the way that students are heard and work with administration to allow GC to continue to grow upholding these values.

Bethany Yoder, senior

"You must be the change you wish to see in the World." - Mahatma Gandhi

I believe in working to change our environment and community for the better and not live passively, unsatisfied. I wish to be a voice within Goshen College for the soft-spoken seeking to address important campus issues.

Ana J. B. P. Mendes

I would like to be considered for the Student Senate because, as a student of color, I believe it's important that students like me have a voice in the campus. If chosen to be a part of the Student Senate body, I will commit myself to work to the best of my abilities to fulfill the expectations of my position as a student representative.

Quinn Brenneke

Goshen College fosters a community of people who want to change the world. As members of the same institution, we must all stand together to achieve this goal. I wish to be a member of Student Senate to help preserve GC's spirit of serving and to unite the student body in a forward motion.