Over 20 students will present class projects and papers to the public during the 12th annual Academic Symposium at Goshen College on Saturday, March 27.

The afternoon of the symposium is full with presentations from 1 to 4:30 p.m. with a variety of researched topics in history, social issues and more.

Students must first submit papers in advance that must then be accepted for presentation during the symposium.

All are welcome to attend the symposium.

Session 1A in Newcomer 17

1 p.m.               “Swearing Our Way to Freedom: Linguistic Obscenity and Broadcast Media Law”

by Jacob Schlabach

1:15 p.m.            “Where Have They Our Here? The Remembrance of Steve Biko”

by Thomas Leischner

1:35 p.m.            “Storytelling”

by Caleb Mechem

10 minute break

2 p.m.               “The Health Needs of Children Experiencing Obesity in the United States”

by Patricia Hershberger

2:15 p.m.            “Mental Health and Young Adults: The College Years”

by Anna Srof

2:35 p.m.            “Whose Job Is It Anyway? An education and analysis of Goshen’s public and private sex education initiatives”

by Rachel Lehman

Session 1B in Newcomer 14

1 p.m.               “Health Issues Facing the Prison Population”

by Caleb Miller

1:15 p.m.            “Examining Factors Leading to the Amish Community’s Participation at a Local Grief Center (Ryan’s Place)"

by Leah Yoder

1:35 p.m.            “Social Work with Undocumented Immigrants”

by Susana Martinez

10 Minute Break

2 p.m.               “Is a Picture Really Worth a Thousand Words?”

by Emily Trapp

2:15 p.m.            “Why Camping? The Mennonite Camping Movement and its Role in Youth Ministry”

by Josh Hertzler

2:35 p.m.            “The Mennonite Young People’s Conference Movement 1919-1923: A Casualty of Church Controversy?”

by Anna Showalter

25 minute Snack Break in Newcomer Lobby

Session 2A in Newcomer 17

3:15 p.m.            “The Presence of Witchcraft in Tanzania as Evidenced through Recent Murders of Tanzanian Albinos”

by Noah Yoder

3:30 p.m.            “Culture Clash on Common Ground: Potawatomi and Europeans on the Elkhart Prarie”

by David Horst

3:50 p.m.            “Ubuntu and Reconciliation: the Social, Political and Spiritual Dimensions of the Theology of Desmond Tutu”

by Daniel Moya

10 minute Break

4:15 p.m.            “Health Care Needs for Women and Children in Flood-prone Kano Plains, Kenya”

by Georgette Odour

4:30 p.m.            “Defining and Defying the Women’s Movement: A Case Study of the Home Economics Department at Goshen College”

by Emily Taylor

4:50 p.m.            “Faith, Service, Community: A History of the College Mennonite Church Mennonite Women’s Group, 1908-2010”

by Crystal Zook

Session 2B in Newcomer 14

3 p.m.               “Gitlow’s Revolution”

by Daniel Martin

3:30 p.m.            “A Statistical Thermodynamic Determination of the Chemical Potential of Cholesterol in a Phospholipid Bilayer”

by Noah Weaverdyck

3:50 p.m.            “The Right to Disagree: Protecting Intellectual Minorities”

by Jeffrey Moore

10 minute Break

4:15 p.m.            “Transformation of Scarred Souls: Ngugi wa Thiongo’s Writing Techniques in ‘A Grain of Wheat’”

by Alyssa Jarvis

4:30 p.m.            “In Search of Well-Being: Shari’a and International Human Rights in Northern Nigeria”

by Ben Baumgartner

4:50 p.m.            “Juvenile Sexual Offenders: The Dynamics in Working with Youth who Sexually Offend”

by Jessica Steil