A total of 27 Goshen College students received awards at the Indiana Collegiate Press Association’s annual conference for literary magazine and newspaper awards on April 8.

The Record took home the second place award in the “Newspaper of the Year” competition amongst Indiana colleges in the Division III.

The Record is in Division III, which puts it in competition with other colleges and universities with an enrollment under 3,000. The Bachelor of Wabash College finished first with a total of 52 points, and The Record finished second with a total of 46.

“Students that come here to study journalism are able to get real world experience that has proven to be exceptional,” said Jordan Waidelich, senior and fall 2016 editor-in-chief. “The hard work from students on the Record staff, and contributing writers, just proves that you don’t need to be a Division I school with thousands of students to have a great student newspaper.”

The conference recognized the 2016 Record staff, led by Waidelich in the fall and co-editors Seth Wesman and Luis Perez Lerchundi last spring.

First-place awards included:

● Waidelich, Andrew Snyder, and Chandler Ingle, best continuous coverage of a single story, “Women’s Basketball”

● Waidelich and Emma Koop Liechty, best pull-out section, “Election 2016: November 3, 2016”   

● Alex Pletcher, best news photo, “Malcolm Stovall, Black Lives Matter Protest”

● Christina Hofer, best entertainment column, “Et tu, Hilary”

● Hannah Sauder, best feature photo, “Christina Hofer and Martin Flowers, theater”

● Liz Tecca, best sports column, “Disparity between Professional Leagues”

● Andrew Pauls, best review, “Newcomer and Over the Rhine Share Stories, Songs”

● Waidelich and staff, best special issue, “11/17/16”

The Record won 13 other second and third place awards in numerous other categories.

“It was an honor to have served as the editor-in-chief just in general,” Waidelich said, “but to be able to also have a team that was creating such great content is amazing. It’s such a great feeling when your hard work gets recognized like this.”

The Indiana Collegiate Press Association (ICPA) Literary Magazine awards are not a tiered competition, unlike the three divisions within the Newspaper awards. This means that Red Cents, the GC literary magazine, competes in a larger pool against schools with larger budgets including Butler, Notre Dame, Valparaiso University and Indiana University to name a few.

The Pinchpenny Press edits and publishes the annual award-winning literary journal, Red Cents.

This year, Red Cents won six awards, including second place awards to Maddie Gerig, a senior, for “Best Cover Design for a Literary Magazine,” and Courtney Wengerd, a senior, for “Best Hand Drawn Illustration.”

Third place awards included Gerig and Ginyce Haywood, a senior, for “Best Overall Design for a Literary Magazine,” Gerig for “Best Creative Nonfiction,” and Jennifer Richards for “Best Photo.”

The last time Red Cents was recognized at the ICPA awards was in 2012 when the literary magazine won six awards including first for “Best Single Issue.”

“The literary and art awards testify to the strengths of our creative writers and artists,” said Ann Hostetler, professor of English. “The best cover design and overall design testify to the strength of editors and particularly graphic designers.”