Twila Albrecht, managing editor of Goshen Commons (fall):

I'm excited that this opportunity will allow me to take on a more active role in the Goshen community. I look forward to strengthening my editing skills as well as building relationships with the other writers and contributers for the Commons.

Liz Core, managing editor of Goshen Commons (spring):

I am so excited about the possibilities that web journalism can bring to our campus and the broader community. Goshen Commons has a creative edge, engaging the arts, community events, businesses and news journalism---I am thankful to have the chance to work with it.

Danielle Kerschhackl, student station manager for 91.1 The Globe:

One of the most exciting things for me is that I will be getting hands-on experience of what it's like to be in an authoritative position. I am also very excited to be able to work with my fellow staff members to work towards a common goal, keeping the radio station successful. One of the challenging things will be upholding the high expectations of the station because it has been so successful in the past.

Kate Stoltzfus, editor of The Record (fall):

I am very excited to have a chance to work with a team of other students to make something so many people read. I am a little nervous because it seems like it will be a challenge at times, but I can't wait to attempt to put together a newspaper.

Quinn Brenneke, editor of The Record (spring):

I'm excited to report the news and keep Goshen College informed. Reporters always have to be on their toes, gathering the truth and telling the story quickly. Writing is a thinking exercise; I want reading The Record to be the same way.

Abby Deaton, news director for GCTV:

The most rewarding part of being the news director is creating the final product. It's like putting together a puzzle. Everyone goes and works so diligently on their section of this puzzle and on the day of the show, we piece together our projects to make a high quality show.

Chau Bao Bui, news director for GCTV:

I am very happy and thankful that the professors trust in my potential and give me the chance to let that potential grow with this leader position. Our prior and recent leaders have done a wonderful job, so although I am excited to be the one to help carry on that great work, I know that it will be challenging because the expectation is very high.