With the holiday break officially over, Goshen students can begin looking forward to Spring Kick Off, which will be held Saturday, January 24th in Sauder Hall. The Campus Activities Council (CAC), headed up by Katie Dwyer-Zeman, has been planning this semester’s show since before Christmas break. They will produce a show similar to years past but with a few changes.

“The theme for Spring Kick Off is less definable than the past few shows,” said Dwyer-Zeman, “but you can expect CAC members to entertain the audience throughout the show with short Minute To Win It inspired competitions. Our goal each year is to find a theme that will keep the show moving between acts without taking away from the performances themselves, and we hope this agenda will do just that.”

As was the case last spring, it will cost students $5 at the door to attend Kick Off this year, with 100% of the proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity. Brianne Brenneman, a sophomore leader of GC’s Service Club, says the donation echoes the college’s core values.

“One of the Goshen core values is servant leadership,” she said, “I don’t know that we incorporate that into our lives enough. The community supports us in a lot of ways, and this is a way we can give back.” Brenneman hopes that using Spring Kick Off as a fundraiser for various local organizations will become a tradition for years to come.

Since the planning of Kick Off began, various crewmembers have been added to the production, t-shirts and posters designed and judges contacted. CAC will listen to over 20 auditions for the acts themselves the week of the show. When asked about what this year’s acts might have in store, Dwyer-Zeman noted the variety in acts signing up so far.

“It looks like we will have a lot of faces on stage this year that haven’t made appearances in the past few semesters.” There will be plenty of songs, skits, poems, and dances shining in the spotlight, eager to follow up Ammon Allen-Doucot’s poem “Compulsive Masculinity,” which won first place at Kick-Off last semester.