This past Saturday, Oct. 29, Goshen College’s service club travelled to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in northwest Goshen to participate in their first service event of the year as a club.

Led by Brianne Brenneman, a senior, Jill Steinmetz, a junior, and Meredith Satchwell, a sophomore, this group of eight students went to assist the donation center in a variety of activities.

Several students washed silver, while others painted doors, put up Christmas trees, and organized shelves. By the end of the event, the group had reorganized an entire shelving section, which many remarked was a satisfying accomplishment.

Brenneman and Emily Hilton-Nickel, a first-year, spent their time painting large green doors.

“At the end we found out the doors are being hung up in the hallway for volunteers to sign,” Brenneman said. “And we felt like we had really done something that will last and be valued.”

A few of the leaders reflected that the most valuable part of the service club experience was seeing the visible differences they made and knowing that people appreciate their work. In addition to visual satisfaction, they also believe that this type of leadership work is an important part of personal development.

“Service is an extremely important part of acting out my faith,” Satchwell said. “I believe I cannot experience the Lord fully unless I go out and work like Jesus, working with the least of those around us. I wanted to help facilitate a group that helped myself and others live out this part of faith.”

The group focused on the positives of the day, despite the low numbers.

“The day was really good,” said Satchwell. “The turnout was kind of small, but any turnout is a good turnout!”