Crystopher Echavarria

Statement :-  Identity, culture and education: they all fall blend into Goshen student population. As a first year international student, I would be efficient and useful in representing the needs of my fellow peers, especially international and first year perspectives. I would like to be their voice. Something I would propose for the benefit of our entire international and out of state students. We should offer a transportation orientation, so they can familiarize themselves with the city of Goshen and Greater Michiana region.


John( Jack) Shomberg

Statement :-   I believe I would be a good choice for senate because I would be able to represent the non – Mennonite students of Goshen. I can understand how difficult it can be to break the so called “ Menno Wall” since I had to break it when I went to a Mennonite high school( Christopher Dock). Therefore providing valuable insight on getting pass it.


Madeline Gerig

Statement :-   I would like to be an At-Large Senate representative because I am passionate about pushing our Mennonite institution into being a progressive, peace focused and safe environment for all individuals and their interests. Other ideas include funding for the Art department because its building is getting outdated, art scholarship for freshmen students, and the facilities of the art department to meet standards of Goshen College.

In order for GC to be safe and welcoming space to all genders, cultures and sexual orientations, student senate should discuss whether or not GC should offer a choice to students between gendered dorms and co-ed dorms


Ellen Conrad

Statement :-   As a part of Student senate, my goal would be to make GC a designated “Quiet Zone” for the train from 11pm to 6am nightly. The loud horn wakes up many GC students and interrupts sleep, which is already difficult to get. One honk before enteringcampus is acceptable, but blasting the horn through campus as the train passes through in unnecessary and inconsiderate. It seems small, but changing it would make a positive difference on campus.

I genuinely believe that even little changes to campus can make a big difference. Just by improving the composting system, providing UV lamps to avoid depression in February, or continuing the never ending quest to improve the food in the rott, my influence in Student Senate can make GC more enjoyable for everyone.


Elizabeth Derstine

Statement :-   our days where both women and men soccer games are played at home and men games are played at 7 and women games at 5. I think the 5 and 7 times should be regularly alternated since it affects the amount of fans at women’s soccer games. This change could be continue to drive Goshen’s path toward equality.

I aspire to be on student senate

Not just to express my voice but to be

A vessel for all students to transmit

Passion and change I could bring to decree

I aim to notice discord in places

Overlooked, social justice, sports and arts

With the many issues Goshen faces

Our input is valued, all of its part


Karsten Hess

Statement :-   I am interested in participating in Student senate this year after seeing the Student senate successfully working with the college to compete multiple initiatives on campus that are appreciated by the student body. I hope to continue this positive trend and keep Goshen College a safe and enjoyable place to eat, sleep, play and study.

I am interested in exploring the feasibility of making heating and cooling in on-campus, small-group housing more controllable by the students living in them, and installing equipment that would turn off heating/ cooling if windows or doors are open.


Jake P. Smucker

Statement :-  I would like to run for student senate in part because my skills as graphic designer will be useful for designing posters and marketing events. Additionally, based on complaints heard from other students, I would support the purchase of more laundry machine in Kulp Hall.


Isaac Fast

Statement :-  This year I am starting a volunteer/service club. The club’s purpose will be to give back to the surrounding community. My presence as a representative on Student Senate will be the connection between the service club and student senate and will ensure the sustainability of the club in the future.


Gretchen Geyer

Statement :-  I would like to be an At-Large Senate representative because I am very passionate about bettering our campus life. I would like to create more space to build relationships with people you don’t know, assist in hosting exciting campus events and see projects through that will make our campus more welcoming, beautiful and environmentally friendly. One specific goal I have is continuing work from last year to belter relations between Non- Mennonite and Mennonite students by assisting in Cultural Café’s or facilitating open-dialogue discussions/forums