The psychology department has begun a speaker series for majors and minors to learn more about their field of study.

After the introduction on Sept. 22, psychologists from Goshen city community have come to share their expertise with the college students.

Brett Conrad, a senior psychology major, is assisting Julie Reese, a psychology professor, in heading up the series.

“This helps give context to what we’re learning and spark some inspiration to show that a pysch degree is very applicable to the outside world,” Conrad said. “It’s a great introduction into the psychological field.”

Three speakers have already come to campus to speak and two more are scheduled for this semester, with the hopes of more being added next semester.

“The speakers will be talking about a wide variety of stuff,” Conrad said. “They’ll talk about various forms and applications of psychology.”

It began in September when Reese and Conrad met and decided to create an extracurricular event that imitated the science speakers.

“We wanted to show that psych has a lot of awesome applications too,” Conrad said.

Reese compiled a list of possible speakers and Conrad did advertisement for the event and confirmed the speakers for their scheduled day.

“They’re really cool topics,” Conrad said. “They’re meant to get the word out [about the psychology department] and get extracurricular stuff for psych majors.”

The meetings are open to  anyone who is interested. They take place at 10 a.m. in Science 106, and the next two will be onOct.  24 and Nov. 7 respectively