[caption id="attachment_31546" align="alignright" width="216"]Photo contributed by: Com/Mar Photo contributed by: Com/MarGoshen College will part with two faculty members at the end of this academic year: Seth Conley, associate professor of communication and GCTV advisor; and Dr. Christopher Fashun, assistant professor of music.[/caption]

Pat Lehman, professor of communication, voiced the sentiments of many. “Our department is sorry to see Seth leave, but we also wish him well in his new position in Nashville.” She thanked him for his large contributions in the development of the department. “Seth has been a superb colleague, professor and mentor for students. We will miss him greatly!”

Senior Balazs Pirot said, “Even if I don’t have anything to ask or to say to Seth, I still go to his office and peek in the window. We smile at each other, say hi, then move on.” Pirot continued, “Seth has been a great part of my personal development here at GC, and even though there are no more classes I could take with him, I will miss him and am sad that Goshen is losing such a great professor, advisor and friend.”

First-year Riley Mills will especially miss Conley while taping “The Correspondent.” “No matter how difficult or long it takes to get through a show, Seth is always there to provide some comic relief, which is usually the reason it takes so long.” Tabitha Immanuel, a first-year, added, “Every moment is a funny moment.”

Students value Conley’s dedication, openness and focus as a teacher. They also expressed gratitude for his willingness to go out of his way to help his students out.

Conley will be teaching television and film at the Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, Tennessee. He said, “It’s been great to work with such a talented group of colleagues and students. My hope is that GC will continue to see the communications program as a vital part of the college’s future and will be willing to invest what it takes to put our award-winning programs in a facility that compliments the talent we have here.”

Beverly Lapp, professor of music and Core chair, shared her thoughts of Fashun’s leaving. “I am sad to see Christopher move on,” Lapp said. “Christopher is first and foremost an excellent teacher who knows how to make magic happen with his ensembles.” Lapp also expressed hope for the future.

Micah Detweiler, a senior, said, “It’s safe to say that my experience at GC would have been completely different without him. I owe a lot of who I am today to him.”

Hillary Harder, senior, shared, “I really value Dr. Fashuns’ contagious passion for making music. He cares deeply about the theory and history behind each piece we play and brings discipline and genuine joy to the process of preparing our concerts.”

Fashun will be teaching at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. He said, “Education is about the pursuit of knowledge through relationships with others. Hands down, it’s my students and colleagues that I will miss the most. I have so many powerful memories of making music here that I will carry with me from my time at GC.”

Senior Cristian Good reflected, “The virtues that Dr. Fashun demonstrates are just as important as the music, if not more. I know that these examples will remain with me and many others in the music department.”

Sophomore Peter Wise said, “He inspires those he is around to be excellent in whatever they do.”

Students value Fashun’s grace, kindness and patience. They also remarked about, in the words of Good, the “life lessons through music with Dr. Christopher Fashun” in the middle of ensemble rehearsals.

Goshen College wishes Conley and Fashun the best in their future endeavors.