Ted Grimsrud, professor of theology at Eastern Mennonite University, will give a presentation entitled "The Long Shadow: World War II's Moral Legacy" at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 6 in Newcomer 17.  Both of Grimsrud's parents participated in World War II; his father fought in the pacific war with his mother serving as a recruiter.

Grimsrud was a teenager at the time of the Vietnam War, and valued war as positive and necessary growing up. He later began to question the moral legitimacy of war altogether. After becoming a Mennonite pacifist in his 20's, he's struggled with the question, "but what about World War II?" He said he needed to discover a thoughtful response.

"My focus in my education and my work as a pastor and professor has been on biblical and theological issues related to war and peace, with some energy also spent on early church and Reformation-era history," said Grimsrud. "I've always been interested in contemporary issues and even wrote my dissertation on World War II conscientious objectors, but haven't given sustained attention to the moral legacy of World War II until very recently. I'm thinking now, though, that reflecting on that legacy might be quite important for present-day peacemakers."

The lecture is sponsored by Goshen College's Bible and Religion Department and is free and open to the community.