Goshen College President Rebecca Stoltzfus was appointed to a second five-year term by a unanimous vote from the Goshen College Board of Directors. This term will begin July 1, 2021. 

“The board strongly believes that Rebecca is the right leader for Goshen College at this time and that we are very fortunate to have her in this role,” Bruce Stahly, the chair of the board of directors said.

Stoltzfus promptly accepted the invitation for reappointment. 

“I am delighted with the reappointment and very pleased to have the opportunity to continue to lead Goshen College,” President Stoltzfus said. “I’m very excited about what is happening here, and I want to continue to be a part of it.” 

The reappointment was the result of a comprehensive assessment of presidential leadership that began a year ago. Board members, employees, students, alumni, church leaders and community leaders were surveyed as part of the review process.

President Stoltzfus began her first term in 2017 and during her time in this role has made changes. She has refreshed the mission and vision for the college, been actively engaged in learning to know students and has helped guide the college through a global pandemic. 

“She has moved forward a number of new initiatives: strategic planning, space planning, revised administrative structures, grant projects, and new vision and mission statements, ” said professor of education, Kathy Meyer Reimer.

She has willingly invited students to be a part of the discussion when important decisions are being made, from the way the school has handled COVID-19 to graduation plans this spring. 

Students responded well to the news of her reappointment and shared their thoughts on President Stoltzfus’s time here so far. 

“President Stoltzfus has been a great role model for me since coming to Goshen College,” senior Gabriella Klopfenstein said. “I’ve had one-on-one time with her, seen her in the cafeteria with professors and students, and read her supportive and understanding emails. I can really tell that she cares deeply about the faculty and students at Goshen College.”

“She is very good at sharing her thoughts and ideas all while making sure everyone is heard and understood,” she continued. 

In the future, students hope that she continues being a presence on campus and in their lives. 

“I have really enjoyed how President Stoltzfus is so supportive of students on campus,” senior Kailey Rice said. “Just a few nights ago, her and her husband came to support my colleagues and I at the Concerto Aria Concert. She takes the time to come and be actively engaged with students, which I think is a great quality. I would like to see her continue to do this.”

According to Meyer Reimer, President Stoltzfus “understands and values aspects that make Goshen College distinctive and different from other colleges,” and leads Goshen College in a manner that matches this understanding. 

President Stoltzfus is already working on her plans for the future of GC while it begins a strategic planning process as the board of directors have approved a new campus master plan. 

Her hope is to embrace bold new ideas, continue to support current goals of academic excellence, diversity and inclusion and to be more engaged with our community.