Goshen College President Jim Brenneman released a statement to students, faculty and administration Wednesday morning outlining the national anthem discernment process instigated by the Goshen College Board of Directors. The board met several times over the summer to discuss how to proceed with last spring's decision to play "The Star Spangled Banner" at select indoor and outdoor sporting events at Goshen College.

In his statement, Brenneman highlighted the "Listen & Learn" process initiated by the board as part of the decision review set for June 2011. The review will result in letting the decision stand, making modifications or reversing the decision.

Last May, Dr. Larissa Fast of the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies and Dr. Bernie Mayer, director of the Werner Institute for Negotiation, led a discussion with representative alumni, staff, administrators and faculty on the issue in order to provide a perspective for outlining the "Listen & Learn" year-long conversation. Later in July, a representative group from the Board of Directors met with administrators to develop a more formal response to the "Listen & Learn" outline. The broad outline described by the Board of Directors, in addition to the full letter by President Jim Brenneman, can be found at www.goshen.edu/record.