Prayer: an earnest appeal for assistance or expression of thanks spoken to God or an object of worship. Odyssey: a sequence of experiences that give knowledge and deeper understanding to someone. Prayer Odyssey: seeking out a deeper meaning and understanding of yourself, your surroundings and the people around you through the “expression of thanks to God or an object of worship.”

The Prayer Odyssey was started in the fall of 2010 by then-senior Casey Diener, who was part of a prayer movement called the International House of Prayer, which held sessions of worship 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Diener wanted to do the same here on the Goshen College campus for one week—a round-the-clock prayer for people in our community, people at Goshen College and the world at large.

“I want this to be an opportunity of rest and renewal of the spirits for those taking part in the event,” said Bob Yoder, campus pastor. Yoder has helped in organizing a number of Prayer Odysseys over the years, but he prefers when students lead the event. The main objective of this semester’s Prayer Odyssey is to have “an opportunity for students and employees to be in prayer for ourselves, for Goshen College, our communities, wherever we come from and our world,” stated Yoder.

This event will give a number of people a chance to commune with God, to be able to have time to themselves to be thankful for the blessing they have received, or to just be thankful in general for life, for love, for happiness and for support.

“I would encourage people to participate with an open mind and possibly try a new form of prayer,” said sophomore ministry leader Isaiah Friesen. Friesen also hopes that the people participating will be open to the possibility that God might speak to them through their time spent praying.

Yoder encourages students to take advantage of the Prayer Odyssey as he believes that regular times of interaction with God are important. There are different ways of praying and different resources for praying. The Prayer Odyssey is being held until Friday in the Quiet Place, located in lower level of Kulp.