As a continued step of action in regards to Goshen College’s decision to play the national anthem, an online survey was sent to students, faculty and alumni over Christmas break.

The e-survey was constructed by Goshen’s Listen and Learn Steering Committee in an attempt to gather opinions from a wide range of groups concerning the anthem issue. The Board of Directors intends to use the final results during a review of the anthem decision in June 2011.

Consisting of six pages and eleven sections, the survey asked questions such as, “What is most important to Goshen College’s identity in the future?” and “To what degree do you believe playing the anthem at Goshen College might impact the college’s Christ-centered core values?”

As of January 5, 2011, 41 percent of students (407/988), 38 percent of alumni (3,229/8,467), and 68 percent of non-alumni faculty and staff (117/171) had responded to the survey. Though the window for taking the survey has closed, the Listen and Learn Committee will be holding further options for discussion on campus this semester.

In addition to the Listen and Learn Steering Committee, the survey process was lead by the Development office and College administrators.

For a complete timeline of anthem-related decisions, visit Goshen’s website at