You can always count on a few things from Ken Newbold. A hard-working attitude in administrative initiatives, a smiling face around campus and an extra cheering voice in the stands at Maple Leaf athletic events.

As of Aug. 31, Newbold’s encouraging presence has been a bit more scarce as he has moved on from the various roles he has played at Goshen College, most recently as presidential consultant.

Newbold’s journey at GC began in the fall of 2014 as he was ushered in as provost by former President Jim Brenneman.

Newbold’s impact was felt instantly as he helped run day-to-day operations, provided oversight for Maple Leaf athletics, academic affairs, finance, student life, long-range planning, as well as enrollment management and marketing.

Two years later, Newbold stepped in the shoes of Brenneman as he was declared interim president for four months. During that short period of time, Newbold, along with the members on the President’s Council, focused on internal initiatives including diversity and inclusion, balancing the budget and enhancing the college community.

He set the stage for the 2017 academic year and for the current president, Rebecca Stoltzfus.

“[Ken] was a Stabilizing force throughout a time of presidential transition and also transitions in leadership of finance, enrollment and academic affairs,” President Stoltzfus said. “He strengthened and maintained the finances and operations of the college during this transition.”

Following the transition, Newbold served as provost under President Stoltzfus for 18 months before moving into a temporary role as presidential consultant from May 1 through Aug. 31.

In his final four months, Newbold was able to continue working on school-wide initiatives including work being done towards policy and process related to Title IX, Union building renovations and leadership opportunities in the Office of Human Resources.

The following is a statement from President Stoltzfus:

“Ken is a person of extraordinary character, well aligned with our mission and core values. He listens very well and built relationships quickly throughout the college. He exudes a sense of calm and was able to lead the college through challenging decisions that made us stronger. He was a supporter of our athletics department, both in terms of administrative support and fan support. Ken, usually with at least one family member, was a loyal and enthusiastic supporter of all of our athletic teams.”

As Newbold parts ways with the GC community, he will remain closeby for the near future as he begins this transitional period. He recently started working with a local consulting firm and plans to continue to serve in the higher education field.

“I find energy in working with students and serving an institution with a mission that is aligned with my values,” Newbold said. “I am honored to have served [Goshen College] through a variety of roles that have given me the opportunity to develop meaningful and lasting relationships with colleagues and students.”

This fall, his wife, Tiffany, started her new position as school counselor at West Side Elementary in Concord, his daughter, Cameron, began her first year at Goshen High School and his daughter, Corynne, kicked off her fifth grade year at Parkside Elementary.