Next Thursday, Sept. 30 will mark the premiere of the Goshen College's new sports show, Sports ReLeaf.  According to Ben Sutter, a sophomore and producer of the show, the purpose of Sports ReLeaf is to provide more access to GC athletics.

"The goal is to show a broader range of sports, giving more equal coverage," said Sutter.  "We want to help get people more energized about GC athletics."

The show will feature Benjamin Kelly, a sophomore, as head anchor, in addition to several guest anchors, and will air every two weeks, alternating with The Correspondent.  Four shows are scheduled to air this semester.

Sports ReLeaf can be viewed online at  Eventually the show will be broadcasted on a local Goshen College television station.

Seth Conley, assistant professor of communication, said, "Our goal is to have a GCTV Channel by Christmas which will air

Sports ReLeaf and the Correspondent on Goshen College's campus cable  station."

GCTV, broadcasted in high-definition, will also air other shows focusing on science, technology and education, among other topics, which won't be produced by Goshen College.  There are also plans for the channel to host past GC documentaries, like "LifeSign" and "Fuerzza."

"This is a very big step for our television program that will give  students quicker and better access to our locally produced shows," said Conley.

According to Conley, the goal is to eventually have the channel played all the time in public student gathering spots, like the Union, the Leaf Raker and West Lawn Dining Hall.

The first Sports ReLeaf show, set to air next Thursday, will feature highlights from cross country, men's tennis, interviews from the men's soccer game against Bethel, and a predictions segment.

Those interested in getting involved with the show should contact Sutter, at, or Conley, at