With the start of a new semester, Goshen College welcomes a new half-time minister of worship, Gwen Gustafson-Zook.

As minister of worship, Gustafson-Zook’s job will involve planning chapels and other worship activities on campus, as well as offering spiritual direction for ministry leaders and pastoral counseling to students.

When asked why the job appealed to her, Gustafson-Zook said, “I’ve wanted to do it for a long time.”

Prior to taking on the new position, Gustafson-Zook worked as regional associate at MCC Great Lakes for five years,taught Bible at Bethany Christian Middle School for two years,and pastored at Faith Mennonite Church for seven years. She received her Masters of Divinity at AMBS and has done service for MCC in numerous locations including, Kingston Jamaica, Atlanta, Portland, and Denver. At one point, she even fulfilled the role of service adventure leader.

As Gustafson-Zook reflected on previous job positions, she said this new job as Minister of Worship would provide a place where “education, faith and service intersect.” Gustafson-Zook stated that she looks forward to working with college-aged students as they go through a phase of figuring out who they want to become and where they want to go. “I get energized by this stage of life,” she said.

Gustafson-Zook is a talented musician and has performed at numerous events. She often plays guitar and sings along with her husband, Les. Gustafson-Zook is also an enthusiastic storyteller and has spoken at various churches, camps, retreats and conferences.

Along with playing music and sharing stories, Gustafson-Zook has a keen interest in building relationships with people from all corners of the globe.