Starting in Jan. 2013, Goshen College will offer a new master’s degree program in Intercultural Leadership. The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Associate of Colleges and School approved the program in August.

According to Ross Peterson-Veach, associate dean of intercultural development and educational partnerships, the new class will be different than other intercultural-focused master’s programs. The class will teach professionals to build culture, address social justice issues and develop international skills within an organization.

The 18-month program involves three 9-day sessions and online homework. According to a Goshen College press release, the program is “designed for mid-career working professionals, including business managers, educators, health-care professionals and non-profit leaders.” Campus faculty will teach the program.

Rebecca Hernandez, associate dean of intercultural development and educational partnerships, will lead the class along with Peterson-Veatch.

“The program is committing the Goshen College’s core values of global citizenship, peace and social justice,” Hernandez said. “Intercultural Leadership program aims to help people obtain the skills necessary to be able to work interculturally.”

Hernandez said the college’s core value of “servant leadership” applies to the new program.

“To deal with diversity of people is critical in servant leadership,” Hernandez said. “It requires the leaders to engage with different people in the community and learn from them.”

Hernandez added that as the college grows as an institution, adding a program focused on social issues is important.

The college currently has two master's programs, one in nursing and one in environmental education.

For more information about Goshen College’s Master of Arts in Intercultural Leadership, contact Rebecca Hernandez at (574) 535-7800 or