As the snow (sort of) melts away, and spring is in the air, Goshen College is bringing the promise of both new majors and minors to its students for the fall of 2014. Additionally, the business departments of Eastern Mennonite University, Bluffton University and Goshen College are collaborating to create a joint MBA program, in hopes of creating “transformative leaders.”

According to Michelle Horning, professor of accounting and business department chair, “Leadership for the common good” is what makes this MBA program unique from other schools, teaching that business is much more than just making money.

The program values, such as sustainability, intercultural leadership and conflict resolution, set it apart by coinciding with Anabaptist-Christian values.

GC has never had a marketing program, which has pushed away prospective students in the past who were interested in pursuing a career in that field. The business department will add both a marketing major and minor.

The mathematics department is going through some changes as well, as it plans to work with the business department to develop Information Technology and Computer Science majors and minors.

Although the currently named Women’s Studies department is not adding any majors or minors, it is going through its own developments as well. In hopes of gaining more male interest in the field of study, and to broaden the scope of the courses to eventually include studies of people who do not identify with either gender, the name is being changed to Women’s and Gender Studies.

Other departments adding minors to their programs are the History department with both pre-law and political studies minors, and the Bible and religion department will add Theological and Christian studies minors. As a result, the youth ministry minor will no longer be offered starting this coming fall.

The TESOL, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, program is following the theme of collaboration floating around campus departments, as it is working with the Education department. The two will be developing an official elementary education/English learners major, which began as a program in 2003.

All these changes are coming in hopes of giving students a wider range of options in their studies.

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