A new marketing major and minor has been unveiled in a collaboration between several academic departments.

The art, business, communication and English departments partnered to create a marketing degree. The decision was officially announced last Thursday.

The marketing major and minor are a combination of art, communication and business courses already in existence, such as Digitial Design, Business Capstone, Principles of Marketing and Writing for Media. This combination makes it possible for students in those fields to add a major or minor without much complication.

Michelle Horning, professor of accounting and chair of the business department, said the major is one that students have been asking for.

“The business major is broad, intended to prepare students for many possible business careers,” said Horning. “This unique combination recognizes that marketing professionals need skills in design, writing and speaking, in addition to sales, advertising, research and other marketing topics.”

Current students interested in adding a major or minor in marketing can begin to plan with advising in March; the degree can be added in the next fall, when it becomes a part of the official catalog.

“Some current students have expressed interest and their intent to declare a marketing major in the fall,” said Horning. “We also expect to attract some new students into the major for next year.”

For more information, contact Michelle Horning, professor of business and department chair.