A new school year means an influx of new faces at Goshen College. Many of these new faces are first year or transfer students, however, people fail to realize an influx of new faculty as well. This year, Goshen College welcomes many new faculty members; many of whom come from a variety of places, and include previous Goshen graduates from years as far back as 1982 to as recent as 2003.

Most prominent in the new hires has been Dr. Kenneth Newbold, who has assumed the title of provost here at Goshen College.

As provost, Dr. Newbold’s duties include serving as chief operating officer, as well as overseeing athletics, student life, finance and long-range planning. Previously, Dr. Newbold worked at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia as associate vice provost for research and scholarships. Although Dr. Newbold may be one of the most prominent hires, according to Norman Bakhit of the Goshen College Human Resources Department, “[All the new hires] fulfill a need that we have regarding teaching faculty and satisfy our high expectations to teach our students. Therefore, they’re all prominent.”

This school year, 8.8 percent of Goshen College’s teaching faculty is new. The faculty welcomed David Kendall into the communications department while Brooke Lemmon joined the education department, and Sara Patrick joined the mathematics department.

Jose Rocha was welcomed into the music department, and Amanda Sensenig was brought into the psychology department.

The business department welcomed Timothy Yoder while the nursing department hired Jody Srof and Jewel Yoder into the fold.

In all, there were eight new fulltime teaching faculty hired compared to the five new full time faculty last year. Additionally, there were also two new part-time faculty hired this year, as well as fifteen new adjunct teaching faculty.