Select sporting events may be a new option for convocation credit.

With the new convocation format this year, students have been offered convocation credit for going to special events on campus. Up until now, these events have been mostly arts and science events. In an attempt to add more diversity, the idea of allowing convo credit for select sporting events was introduced.

Beverly Lapp, professor of music and member of the convocation planning committee, said that the idea behind the new convocation style and additional events is to expand interest in other areas of campus.

“We were concerned for diversity in convocations, so we were not favoring one type of student,” said Lapp.

Two sporting events will serve as a test run for this new system. These two events will be a woman’s basketball game versus Huntington University on February 7th at 1:00 PM and a baseball game vs Grace College on March 21st.

According to Lapp, the events will be evaluated at the end of the year along with the new convocation style.

Though the logistics aren’t completely worked out, Lapp predicted that credit would be awarded much like it is for convocation. Two to four students will most likely be assigned to stand outside the doors and scan people’s cards at the beginning of the game and remain for a few minutes after the game starts.

“We’re working on a little bit of an honor system here. We really hope that students won’t just scan their cards and leave ten minutes into the game, but rather will stay and experience the event,” said Lapp.

The sporting events with convocation credit will almost certainly draw a larger crowd, and that is one of the smaller reasons the athletic department is happy with this decision.

Stephanie Miller, head women’s basketball coach, is more excited about what the new convocation credit system will do for the student body than she is about the increased attendance at her games.

“I like the idea in general. To me it’s a bigger scope than just athletics,” said Miller. “I think it’s important to have the student body support each other, no matter what the event, whether it’s art shows or concerts. [The extra convocation events] expose students to events they would not normally attend.”

The athletic directors are very supportive of the new system as well and have been interested in making connections with academics according to Lapp.

According to Lapp and Miller, the new system is very beneficial overall.

“Convocation is a good idea overall because it makes you think. If students come with the right attitude, it can open their minds to new things and allows them to learn about other things on campus,” said Miller.

“Any campus has its segments and natural affinities whether arts or sciences or athletics. The more they support each other, the better. We want to break down barriers,” commented Lapp.