Members in attendance: Jieun Han, David Zehr, Tiantian Chen, Ben Shelly, Jill Steinmetz, Hannah Yoder, Jenae Longenecker, Crystopher Echavarria, Launa Rohrer, Alma Rosa

Others present: Peter Meyer Reimer

Advocating for Senate in Administrative Turnovers - Due to turnover in the GC administrative positions, Senate members spoke with Launa about ensuring that future candidates are informed of Senate’s hope to work closely and constructively with them during their time as employees at GC.

Piano - The public piano project is still underway; the delay of its installation is due in part to members’ concerns about water and other weather-related damage. Suggestions for how to weather-proof a piano would be welcome!

Cabinet Elections - Applications for cabinet positions are now available at the Student Life office in the AD building! These positions are open for any GC student who will be on campus next school year—no previous Senate experience necessary. Come by to Shirley Shriner's desk to get an application form, or visit The deadline to submit applications is Wednesday, April 15 by 5 p.m. Elections will open Friday, April 17 and will close Monday, April 20 at 5 p.m.

Women of Ciudad Juarez - GC Players, Goshen’s theater club, has arranged for four women from Wooster College to come to GC on April 22 to perform the play called “Women of Ciudad Juarez.” The play engages current social issues and promises to be a moving and challenging experience. Some financial sponsorship will come from Senate, as well as from other campus clubs and departments.

GC Divestment Campaign - GC Divest is working with the Ecological Stewardship Committee to create a proposal for the divestment of GC’s endowment from fossil fuel companies and industries that engage in mineral extraction. Senate will likely give their support to this proposal after further deliberation.

Open Floor - Crys and Alma are starting a campaign to encourage students, specifically those who represent campus minorities, to apply for Senate positions for the 2015-2016 school year. Their goal is to clear up any misconceptions and confusion surrounding Senate’s role on campus through an informational session in Java in the next weeks.

Open Floor - Peter Meyer Reimer continued the conversation surrounding the campus violations policy, asking Senate to consider more closely the research regarding dry campus policy and violence, and to prioritize GC’s commitment to community and nonviolence. A proposal for President’s Council will be put together in the coming weeks by Peter and Ben.

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