The rumors are true: there will not be a spring Kick Off next semester.

The decision to eliminate spring Kick Off came about after administration reviewed student activities and organizations. They assessed Goshen College’s programming goals and became concerned that GC was limiting programing opportunities by dedicating resources and energy to Kick Off events.

“There is agreement that spring Kick Off is a successful event; however, it is duplicative, showcasing many of the same individuals in multiple acts,” said Launa Leftwich, dean of students.  Many considerations were included in the decision such as: level of student participation, venues, overhead costs, collaboration with other campus events (e.g. athletic and theater events), variety and demographic representation at events.

While acknowledging that the diverse talents of students should be celebrated, Leftwich said that GC already provides channels to “showcase individual student talent via coffee houses, recitals, Hour After and departmental activities.”

GC administration hopes to continue to engage, support, and participate in current and future club events while exploring alternative program options that meet programming goals.

For those devastated by this news, Campus Activities Council is determined to keep fun at GC.

Corie Steinke, CAC advisor, provides students with hope for the upcoming semester.

“Campus Activities Council has been working hard to think of brand new ideas that are not meant to replace Spring Kick Off,” she said, “but will provide new ways to create fun and engage the campus community.”

Steinke and the CAC student council see the elimination of spring Kick Off as an opportunity for CAC to devote more time and energy to exciting new events including a Lip Sync Battle, off-campus trips, new interactive game shows and outdoor events like concerts and tournaments.

CAC also sees this as a chance to devote more energy towards events created by on-campus clubs, like the annual International Student Coffeehouse, BSU’s Caribbean Party, and LSU’s dance marathon.  CAC also plans to create an end-of-Spring Semester celebration to compliment Fall Kick Off.

Steinke encourages students to channel energy towards brainstorming new events (possibly bigger and better than Kick Off) and sharing event ideas with CAC members. CAC meetings are open to all students, and new ideas are always welcome.

“We are always open to trying new things,” Steinke said, “especially with the historical perspective that Kick Off took several years to become what it is today.”

Even though spring semester will be void of spring Kick Off, students have opportunities to create and participate in the new events to come.