Goshen College is once again carrying an annual its tradition — Kick-Off. Auditions will begin this week.

Marisa Marquez, chair of the Campus Activities Council (CAC), described Kick-Off as a “big talent show for all of campus to be a part of.”

[blocktext align="right"]“[Kickoff is a] really good night to actually see the campus spirit,” said Amy Castillo, CAC’s campus and community events chair.[/blocktext]

The theme this year is “A Night at the Oscars.” The group described the process of preparing for Kick-Off as “time consuming and meticulous” but agreed it is worth it in the end.

According to Gi Salas, CAC’s commuter student liaison, the event is “very unique because its CAC that leads it so no one Kick-Off is the same as every other.”

Alia Byrd, the cultural events chair of CAC, said, “We have a really talented school when it comes to auditions and narrowing down the acts is a really hard process.”

An average of 18-22 students/groups audition each year but only 12-15 make it in, said Byrd.

Previous acts have included spoken-word poetry, dance, magic, juggling, and musical performances. Sophomore Hugh Birky earned first place last year with his card tricks.

“The thing that I find special about Kick-Off is being able to see a side of people you might not expect,” said Birky. “So many people on campus have incredible talents that goes unrecognized. I feel like without Kick-Off, we wouldn’t be able to see these amazing things. It doesn’t matter if your act is small or short, if you have something you’re proud of, Kick-Off is the place to show it.”

The two-hour event draws in commuter and residential students, faculty and staff, families and even prospective students. The CAC group shared that Goshen College’s admissions staff considers Kick-Off as one of the college’s focal points for prospective students.

“[Kickoff is a] really good night to actually see the campus spirit,” said Amy Castillo, CAC’s campus and community events chair.

“It really embraces everything and even if you don’t know the person that’s on stage people are cheering like crazy,” she said. “It's a great night to open yourself up to more friendships and more connections on campus.”

Corie Steinke, associate director of Community Life, advised that “the more unique and energetic your audition, the better your chances are to get into the show.”

Students can sign-up to audition until 11:45 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 24. No exceptions will be made for late audition sign-ups.

Auditions began on Wednesday, Sept. 19 from 6-9 p.m., and the second round will occur Tuesday, Sept. 25 from 5-9 p.m. in the Music Center’s choir room, MC 153.