Solar panels will be installed on the roof of the Roman Gingerich Recreation-Fitness Center at Goshen College announced by President Stoltzfus at the staff meeting on Feb. 12.

The installation of 924 solar panels has been made possible by an ongoing partnership between GC and College Mennonite Church.

Interest in a solar installation began a couple years ago when David Lapp Jost ‘11 and Lucas Geiser Godshalk ‘13 started generating excitement at the church and fundraising.  More recently it became a shared project which will allow for a larger installation.

“My friend Lucas and I both have a lot of affection for CMC and also strongly support renewable energy, and Lucas suggested a couple of years ago that we suggest a solar project to the church,” said Lapp Jost.

The two visited almost every CMC Sunday school class to tell about the project, a several month undertaking.

CMC members were excited about it, and Lapp Jost found it inspiring to see people willing to give significantly of their time and resources to make CMC and the town of Goshen more responsible places to live and worship.

“The willingness of people to invest deeply in long-term projects that will benefit future generations means a lot in a short-sighted era,” said Lapp Jost.

Glenn Gilbert, director of facilities at GC, is currently in communication with the engineers who are finalizing the plans for installation beginning in March.

The total spendings for the project is $400,000 and will take 10 or 11 years to recover the investment.

“I view this as an important and sustaining financial investment for both institutions, and also as a promising beginning, at CMC for increased awareness of environmental issues and at GC for producing power sustainably,” said Lapp Jost. “I hope to see us move forward together in addressing this significant challenge of the 21st century.”