FIRSST (Functional Immediate Response Student Safety Team) - Student Senate will provide initial funding, and is proposing the institutionalization of this student-led program. FIRSST meets today (Jan 22) at 9:30 p.m. in the basement of the library. A shuttle service will be offered starting this weekend. Refer to the Communicator for more information.

Vending machines for feminine products - Student Senate has approved a proposal to install dispensers in highly-frequented campus bathrooms. This proposal will be reviewed by the Space Planning Committee in the near future.

Gender neutral bathroom signage – The Space Planning committee has approved the Student Senate proposal that the single bathrooms in the Connector and in the basement of the Kulp building will soon be marked with gender neutral “Restroom” signs.

Police and GC Community Dialogue - The Goshen Police Department has requested a dialogue with a small group of students involved in the Nov. 26 protest at the courthouse. Senate has been involved in determining which students will be part of this meeting.

SMRT Forum - Members of Senate and GC’s Sexual Misconduct Response Team will collaborate in holding an informational forum/session about SMRT.

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Next Student Senate meeting time: January 27 at 9pm in AD21

All of our meetings are open to students and community members!