Students got the opportunity to learn more about their bodies and self-care through a variety of Healthy Bodies events sponsored by Goshen Students Women’s Association (GSWA) this week.

There were various events that covered many topics such as a “Conversation about Masturbation,” a Healthy Sex panel led by Dr. Catherine Bast, building self-care valentines, and ending the week by body casting and painting.

The week started off with some relaxation and exercise with Yoga Night led by Ann Hostetler on Sunday evening.

On Monday, there was space made for a conversation on gender identity and misogyny led by PRISM students. There was much positive feedback from students who liked having the intentional space for this conversation.

Eli Studebaker, a senior and one of the leaders of PRISM, pointed out that Monday’s conversation was included in order to be more inclusive towards students. They were given the appropriate time and space to have this conversation regarding  bodies and self-care.

On Tuesday night, at the Masturbation Conversation, participants were open to the topic and an engaging discussion followed the informative session.

This was an informative talk directed towards females and non-binary people, and most participants thought this was a good conversation to have because this is a topic that is not usually touched on in female discussions.

Students engaged by asking questions that left them feeling that due to a larger group support, this conversation can increase their confidence within themselves and topics concerning their bodies.

An event took place on Wednesday to build self-care Valentines for those feeling down and gloomy without a Valentine this year.  All were welcome to practice, celebrate and recognize the importance of self-care and self-love.

When talking with Gi Salas, one of the Healthy Bodies Week student coordinators, she explained they tried to include “as many people as possible through empowerment.”

Though the traditional views of GSWA and AAUW are centered towards the needs of women, over time they have tried to be more inclusive. They want to address societal pressure that surrounds women specifically, but also include everyone in that conversation.

GSWA has seen a lot of student participation and hope that their message is getting across to the campus.

Jenae Longenecker, also a student coordinator, adds that there are yearly traditional events that are always held, but they have included new events in order to allow more student involvement as well.

To wrap up Healthy Bodies Week, students are invited to support  the women’s basketball team at a home game at Saturday, Feb. 17 at 1 p.m.