Goshen Student Women's Association (GSWA) has planned a full week of activities promoting healthy lifestyles and loving one's body during their annual Healthy Bodies Week.

The week includes yoga and belly dancing workshops, as well as discussions on sexuality and information on alternative menstrual products. A performance of The Michiana Monologues ends the week of activities on Friday at 7 p.m. in Sauder Music Hall.

Hannah K. Miller is on GSWA's steering committee and said that they are able to do more activities this year because of an enthusiastic and larger group of women involved.

"The overall purpose of the week," Miller said, "is to learn to appreciate our bodies and who we are as whole people by actively engaging in issues related to health – including physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of what makes us complete individuals."

Miller hopes everyone realizes throughout the week "that who they are – their bodies, their spirits, their essence – is good and complex and diverse."

"It’s important to think about health broadly," she said, "in terms of its physical, mental, spiritual and emotional components. Hopefully, engaging with this issue helps us all begin to learn what is healthy for our whole being, so that we can be our most complete selves."


Healthy Bodies Week activities


10 a.m.: Convocation, “Creating a Healthy Community,”Church/Chapel

Valerie Staples, coordinator of eating disorders resources at Notre Dame University, will speak after student stories are shared.

10:30-11 a.m. and 5:30-7 p.m.: Alternative Menstrual Products, Drop-In Booth in the First floor Connector

Stop by for information about alternatives to the mainstream menstrual products and register to win a Keeper Cup. Another chance to stop by will be from noon to 1:30 p.m. on Sat., March 20.

9:40 p.m.: Belly Dancing, Rec Fit Center, in front of the mirrors on the second level

All genders are welcome to join Melanie Wade, local dance instructor, to learn the art of belly dancing.


7 p.m.: Women & Art, East Hall (beside the dorms)

Women, bring your scissors, markers, glue and old magazines and get ready to feel creative. Tea and coffee will help participants relax as we cut and collage and reflect on the imagery that surrounds women.

8 p.m.: Body Casting, East Hall (beside the dorms)

As a continuation of the night's activities, there will be body casting. This entails using strips of fabric containing plaster to make a cast of your body. This is an event for women only and participants should be aware that there will be nudity.


7 p.m.: Breathe Deep and Do Some Yoga, Newcomer 19

All genders are welcome to join Kara Schmidt of Sacred Heart Yoga, Goshen, to stretch and appreciate our bodies. Bring a yoga mat, towel, or blanket if you have one.


9:45 p.m.: Gender, Sex, & Sexuality Talk, Newcomer 17

Come join us for an evening of small and large group discussion, where there will be space to ask questions and learn more with peers and faculty facilitators. All genders are welcome.


10 a.m.: Chapel, “Wholly Created in God’s Image”

Come hear scripture from a female perspective and stories shared by members of the Goshen College community.

7 p.m.: Michiana Monologues, Sauder Hall

This production features locally-written monologues recounting the personal experiences of Michiana women. It is directed and produced by local women and raises funds for local organizations that help women in crisis. Tickets can be purchased in the Welcome Center for $10. See Michiana Monologue posters for more details.