Goshen College students are becoming healthy students thanks to “Healthy Bodies Week,” sponsored by the Goshen Student Women's Association.

“The goal is that it will catch on, and we can have a Healthy Bodies Week each year,” said Annali Smucker, a junior.

“Originally, we wanted to do the ‘Vagina Monologues,’ but we decided the reason for that was to promote healthy images of women,” said Rachel Miller, a junior.  “Instead, we decided to make a week of healthy bodies.”

The week began with a Monday viewing of "Food Fight," a documentary on industrialized agriculture. The event was co-sponsored by PAX and Eco-Pax.

On Tuesday, students gathered in Kulp basement with bowls and spoons to eat soup for “Nutrition Night.” They engaged in discussion about college nutrition facilitated by Audrey Reyes, adjunct professor of chemistry, who focuses on nutrition.

On Wednesday, students met for coffee and conversation with Kevin Gary, Rachel Lapp and Ruth Stoltzfus about reproductive health. Students also attended a discussion about alternative menstrual products lead by Smucker and Alana Kenagy, a sophomore.

Events are also planned for Thursday and Friday. On Thursday, students will carpool and attend “Michiana Monologues” at Indiana University-South Bend.

The week will conclude with “Holistic Health Night,” in a conversation with Pat Shoemaker from the Health and Wellness Center with advice on taking care of the body, mind and spirit. The discussion will take place in Newcomer Center 17 at 6 p.m.

Following the conversation, students can participate in yoga, the last event of “Healthy Bodies Week.”