AVI Fresh Dining Services have implemented a new takeout option this year.

The new program, called “grab-n-go,” is convenient for people needing a quick meal between classes or off-campus students.

“Grab-n-go” begins with customers obtaining an eco-friendly container at the main cashier that they can take to the salad bar. Main greens include fresh spinach, romaine and iceberg lettuce, an assortment of vegetable and other salad toppings are also available with a variety of homemade dressings.

The container is then weighed at the main cashier for 47 cents per ounce. Students with a meal plan cannot use this option for meal swipes; however, Munch Money, cash or credit can be used.

AVI Fresh has similar salad programs at other educational institutions, and due to faculty and staff requests at Goshen College, they decided to begin one here.

AVI Fresh director Jeremy Corson heads this new program.

The new “grab-n-go” adds another healthy option for lunch for the students and staff on campus. Locations to purchase food on campus include the dining hall, the Leaf Raker and Java Junction.

The most common demographic that use the Salad-to-go are nursing students on a tight schedule and faculty members.

About 10 to 12 people use the salad service per week.

In the future, Corson hopes that the convenient “grab-n-go” program becomes a more popular choice for quick food at the college.