Dr. Lee Snyder, former president of Bluffton University, will be serving in the combined role of provost and executive vice president for the 2014-2015 academic year.

President Jim Brenneman said, “In her role as provost, Dr. Snyder oversees all Academic programs at Goshen College. In her role as the executive vice president, Dr. Snyder serves, in effect, as the Chief Operating Officer. She oversees the day-to-day operations of the campus.”

According to Snyder, these operations include working with athletics, institutional effectiveness and research, and finances.

The implementation of the dual positions means that each member of administration is able to put a greater focus on his or her department, but there will be an even greater amount of emphasis on collaboration.

According to both Brenneman and Snyder, strategic planning for Goshen College’s future is one of the many things the administration will continue to work on together.

Snyder’s previous experience in administration in Mennonite institutions should make for a smooth transition into her new role at GC. She has held the offices of the dean, vice president, and interim provost at Eastern Mennonite University in Virginia, as well as the office of the president at Bluffton University in Ohio.

Snyder, an Oregon native, expressed that though she has been to many places, none of them have been quite like Goshen.

Said Snyder, “It’s wonderful to be here. I have appreciated the welcome, friendly people, and getting to explore Goshen and Merry Lea.”

Snyder is impressed with the quality of the education Goshen College students receive, as indicated by the recent ranks in polls and the successes of its graduates.

She is very happy to be at an institution where a liberal arts education is treasured.