The Goshen Police Department will begin patrolling Witmer Woods and the College Cabin starting this weekend. According to Bill Born, vice president for student life, the idea began when Student Life discussed broader security issues with the Goshen Police Department about three weeks ago. Assistant Operations Chief Kyle Priem offered to add Witmer Woods and the College Cabin to the list of Goshen areas that police officers patrol at night.

“It’s really no different than our requests that (Goshen Police) patrol our parking lots, which we’re grateful for,” said Born. “In that regard it’s not a new thing, but it is new in that location.” He also added that significant vandalism in past years has contributed to the decision to increase patrolling in the College Cabin area. Patrol frequency will be left up to the Police Department.

As for campus security, Born said Student Life and Student Senate will begin interviewing new security firms this fall. Securitos is currently Goshen College’s security firm, but Born said a transition may take place during Christmas break so the new firm can get used to the campus grounds.