Goshen College is having its second ever 24/7 Prayer Week this week, where students, faculty and staff sign up so someone is constantly praying every hour of the week.  The week of prayer began on April 2 and will continue through April 9, in the prayer room of Coffman.

Casey Diener, a senior, played a large role in implementing the 24/7 Prayer Week as an effort to get more students spiritually engaged. So far, the prayer week has been well attended, with all the time slots in the Google calendar being full except for five, as of Wednesday evening.

Jessi Camacho, a junior, said that the week is about “prayer in the broader sense of the word. It’s whatever people want it to be, however the individual chooses to connect with God, be it prayer, dance, music, drawing, dancing, reading the Bible, poetry, journaling, anything. “

The 24/7 Prayer Week is a system of support for some students.

Penina Acayo, senior from Kampala, Uganda, said, “It makes a difference when you know that there are people literally standing in the gap for you, supporting you spiritually, and people praying. It just makes a difference. This week, I’ve gone through a lot in my family and I’ve felt the prayers and support of those interceding for me, and it’s because of this that I’ve had strength for the week. “

This week is, above all, a time to commune with God and to bring unity to people on the campus. Interested students are invited to sign up on the Google calendar.  If all slots are taken, ask to join someone you know. On Saturday, April 9, there will be worship at the College Cabin from noon to midnight, to mark the end of the week.