Goshen College has received nearly $2 million for scholarships from Milo Albrecht, a 93-year-old farmer and regular donor.

In what is the largest one-time donation by an individual in GC’s history, Milo gave $1.98 million worth of stocks to go primarily toward nursing scholarships. These stocks came from years of investing during his life as a farmer.

Herb Roth, Albrecht’s cousin and caregiver, said in the GC news release, “Milo lived a simple, conservative life which allowed him to do this. He was an astute investor.”

Albrecht attended Goshen College for three semesters from 1939-1949. He began giving to GC after serving in Poland with Mennonite Central Committee in 1947.

According to the news release from GC, Albrecht realized he was in a position to give and not everyone was able to, which meant he focused on giving to GC for scholarships, specifically for nursing students.

In a statement, Gordon Yoder, associate director emeritus of college relations for Goshen College, said of his friend Albrecht, “I’m delighted that this happened for Goshen College and for Milo, and it’s a marvelous use of his resources.”

This gift will allow Goshen College to continue to be affordable for many students long term.

According to the Elkhart Truth article, Jim Brenneman, president of Goshen College, said, “Thanks to these gifts, we’re prepared as ever to serve many students.”