Goshen College broadcasting students won five national first-place awards from 19 nominations this past Saturday, at the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Multimedia Conference in New York City. The team of students from 91.1 The Globe and Globe TV came home with more first place awards than any other college at the event. 

Eleven students won 19 finalist awards which included "Best College Station in the Nation" for the tenth consecutive year. This award considers Goshen College alongside the likes of Arizona State University, Indiana University, Sandiego State University and dozens of other schools big and small. 

“Following the award ceremony as I made my way through the crowd I overheard students and faculty talking about Goshen College and wondering who they were,” said Kyle Hufford, associate professor of communications and the executive producer of Globe TV. “It is a testament to our students’ hard work, our program’s brand of learning and a culture that extends beyond the classroom. I am proud of these students and their tremendous accomplishments.”

IBS is the longest running collegiate broadcasting association in the United States. This year more than 115 schools of all sizes participated in the annual awards competition, garnering a record number of entries. IBS honors excellence in programming, air personalities, public service efforts, and outstanding stations with the IBS College Media Awards. 

“Wrapping up my last time in New York City with the Globe staff is so bittersweet,” said Alyson Prigge, a senior and public relations manager for The Globe. “I’m really proud of how we finished this year and of course, can’t wait to see how the Globe legacy continues after all of us seniors are gone.” 

Of the five first-place awards, Kadie Spoor, a junior, won first place honors for Best On-Air Personality and Best Use of YouTube. Prigge, alongwith juniors Nathan Pauls and Ben Hathaway, won first place honors for Best Variety Television Program. Benjamin Cotton, a senior, won first place honors for Best TV Sports Report. Zachariah Begly, a junior, and Bryce Stopher, a senior, won first place honors for Best Use of Sound Effects in Radio Production.

As for the finalists for national awards, William Troyer, a junior, and Cotton were finalists for Best Play-by-Play Video. Jeremiah Sherill, a sophomore, was a finalist for Best TV Commercial. Riley Friesner, a senior, was a finalist for Best Radio Commercial and Best Radio PSA. Tanner Camp, a senior, Spoor, Stopher, Cotton and Pauls were finalists for Best Radio Morning Show. Prigge was a finalist for Best Press Release and Best Live Radio Broadcast Promotional Event. Hathaway was a national finalist for Best Use of Graphics, and Begly was a national finalist for Best Political News Coverage. 

The entire Globe TV team are finalists for Best Television Newscast, Best Use of Social Media, Best Give-a-way and Best Foreign Language Radio Program.

“It was crazy to have my name called,” said Begly, news director at Globe TV. “I was going in without any expectations of walking up there. It was an honor and I’m glad to have gone and enjoyed this experience.”